With Marli, Siri Prakash Kaur

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.
~ Buddha 

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

The angels hear our prayers and know what is in our best interest and in our hearts. Make room for your own intuition and wisdom to fully guide you as you walk your most authentic path in life.

Card readings are one of the many divination tools used to connect with our spiritual guides and angels. For centuries people have been using cards to get accurate and reliable information. Reading cards is not just about predictions nor fortune telling. These are used to inquire about what things that are in your best interest. We are all cosmic beings and unfortunately, we do not come to this earth with a how-to manual or a map to help navigate through this life. This is where intuitive card reading comes in, as it can serve as a map or manual to help guide you to exactly where it is going. When I work with clients, my readings come from the highest source of love and light as I connect with the higher angelic realm of Jesus, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael as well as others in the etheric realm

Before Your Reading

Prior to any reading, I tune in and connect with the Moola Mantra and the Oneness prayer asking for divine guidance so that I may be a pure channel of love and light to hear their messages. I take these steps prior to your reading so that I am serving you by bringing the messages you need to hear for your greatest good.

Pulling the Cards

Pulling the cards are based on the natural law of attraction. The cards provide the exact message you need to hear at that moment. Intuitive readings are not about receiving winning lottery numbers, or who is the love of your life. Rather, it is an insight into your present circumstances along with suggestions to help you create the life of your choice.

Why Would I Want an Intuitive Reading?

The intuitive reading helps you to see what has been blocking your pathway to success, happiness, passion and full abundance in your life.  The beauty of a professional Intuitive Reading is that you get new insight into what matters most to you

An intuitive, compassionate card reading can provide clarity and powerful insight to help you make decisions and choices in your life. We all have the answers within us, but sometimes we need a little help coaxing them out. The angels and devas have a way of telling us exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes we might not be aware of an underlying issue we need to deal with before we can move on with our life.

Receiving an Intuitive Oracle reading will bring you confirmation of your intention for your soul’s purpose and confirming support.

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